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Dear colleagues: It is a pleasure to provide a quick update on two important, related happenings at Kyma - the first being the expansion of Kyma's materials offering and related development activities and the second being the formation of the Kyma Technologies Advisory Board (KTAB).


In its early years, Kyma focused mostly on GaN boule based substrate technology development. Today Kyma has a growing line of commercial offerings including crystalline AlN, AlGaN, GaN, Ga2O3, and MoS2 materials and select crystal growth tools and devices. Kyma development efforts continue to include GaN boule technologies and have expanded into a number of new wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) materials and processes which includes continued development of novel 2D materials like MoS2, the growth of GaN on diamond for thermal management of high power GaN electronics, the development of large area electronic grade diamond for next generation power electronics, the van der Waals epitaxy of GaN on graphene on reusable SiC for low-cost free-standing GaN manufacturing, the development of research tools for epitaxial growth of next generation homoepitaxial vertical power electronic devices, and the development of a robust production tool for low-cost manufacturing of next generation GaN template materials.


Meanwhile the market for advanced semiconductor materials is rapidly growing, which means there are more business growth & technical collaboration opportunities than ever. The KTAB was created to help Kyma do better at identifying and capitalizing on these opportunities and includes both business and technology leaders. The KTAB currently consists of Professor Kathleen Kash of Case Western University - an expert in semiconductor physics including heterovalent ternary nitrides (II-VI-V2), Attorney Chris Lynch - who with his team at Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton provides great legal counsel to Kyma, Professor Hadis Morkoç of Virginia Commonwealth University - a leading expert on semiconductor materials and devices, Professor Sylwester Porowski of the Polish Academy of Sciences - a leading expert on crystalline GaN materials, Professor Joshua Robinson of Penn State University - a leading expert on crystalline 2D materials and applications, Charles Shook of Trestle Capital Partners - a leading expert on private equity investment and merges & acquisitions, and Professor Zbig Wasilewski - a leading expert in the epitaxial growth of advanced semiconductor materials. The Kyma Management Team is excited to have such a great Advisory Board!

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