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Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor materials technologies, is pleased to announce the addition of ß-Ga2O3 epiwafers to its growing advanced materials offering.

Crystalline beta gallium oxide (ß-Ga2O3) is a promising wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) material due in part to its large bandgap of 4.8 - 4.9 eV, its high breakdown field of 8 MV/cm, and its high dielectric constant of 10, which together with its electron mobility of up to 300 cm2/V-s, translate to a high voltage Baliga figure of merit (HV-BFOM) that is more than 3000 times greater than that of Si, more than 8 times greater than that of 4H-SiC, and more than 4 times greater than that of GaN. Also, its high frequency Baliga figure of merit (HF-BFOM) is ~150 times that of Si, ~3 times that of 4H-SiC, and 50% greater than that of GaN.

Kyma's technical team recently began developing processes for the growth of ß-Ga2O3 on a number of substrates including homoepitaxial growth on commercially available bulk ß-Ga2O3 substrates. The team has thus far demonstrated high growth rates (>3 microns/hr) and high quality epilayers of several microns in thickness. Undoped films show semi-insulating behavior, and n-type films appear to be well behaved with electron concentrations in the range of 1017 - 1018 cm-3. More detailed characterization of these materials is ongoing.

Kyma believes that ß-Ga2O3 represents an exciting new frontier in the continuous search for higher performance semiconductor devices.

It is exciting to be able to leverage our core competencies to address this exciting newcomer to the advanced semiconductor materials and device technology space," said Kyma CEO Keith Evans.

The company plans to add ß-Ga2O3 materials products to its webpage in the coming days. Meanwhile, feel free to contact Kyma at to discuss your interests in this new product line.

About Kyma Technologies

Kyma’s mission is to provide advanced materials solutions that promote safety and energy efficiency. Kyma’s products include a diverse portfolio of crystalline nitride semiconductor materials, crystal growth and fabrication equipment, and power switching electronics. Additionally, the company recently launched a novel electromagnetic field sensor product and the materials and tools for fabricating crystalline 2D MoS2 monolayer films.

For more information about Kyma Technologies, visit, e-mail, or call the company directly at 919.789.8880.

Kyma is a registered trademark of Kyma Technologies, Inc.

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