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Gregg Dodson - Chief Engineer

Member of Board of Directors

Gregg Dodson leads Kyma's equipment and facilities engineering efforts from design to build to maintenance. Gregg has prior experience at Cree and received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Heather Splawn - President & CEO

Member of Board of Directors

Heather Splawn leads Kyma's daily operations as well as its contracts, finance and human resources departments. Heather co-founded The Doughman, Durham's legendary gastronomical quadrathlon, obtained intern experience at Intel, and received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

Jacob Leach - Chief Technical Officer

Member of Board of Directors

Jacob Leach leads Kyma's technical staff and guides the development and implementation of Kyma's technology roadmap. Jacob obtained intern experience at Infineon, served as Adjunct Professor at Duke University, and received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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